Bubble App Security: Protecting User Data with Flusk.eu

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In this Bubble tutorial video we demonstrate Flusk Vault, the first security tool built for Bubble apps. Flusk scans your Bubble app checking for data leaks, privacy rules, page protection, API connector, compromised workflows and more. Sign up to Flusk Vault today.

What's the number one area that Bubble app creators neglect, misunderstand, or completely ignore? Here's your clue. Security, privacy, data protection, all things which should be at the forefront of anyone creating an app because it's your responsibility to protect your users' data. And that's why I'm really excited to demonstrate to you today the security tools provided by Flusk.eu. And we've got a link down in the description for you to sign up.

Introducing Flusk

Let me take you through just everything that they can do. I'm going to just show you the summary they've got on their landing page here. I mean, we've got data leaks,
, page protection, API connected back in workflows. Basically, these guys know Bubble app security, and you can just see that in the tool that they've put together. And I'm going to show you how easy and simple it is to set up right now.

Setting up Flusk

So I'm logged into my Flusk account and I'm going to add a new app. I'm going to call this one Demo, and then get the app ID, which I think I've got as Flusk demo PNC. And you can see that there's the ability to add to a workspace.

That's because they've built this tool for everyone, whether you are a solo
and you're wanting to test all your clients' apps. They've got it covered for you with the Flusk tool. So I'm going to set up the Flusk Vault. And as it loads in, here we go. Let's continue.

The Flusk Dashboard

And you can see, and you'll just get the sense from using the software that they've created, that they know Bubble security and they know data protection. I can't wait to show you the dashboard because it's just so clear and so helpful. And I just wanted to demonstrate to you now how quick it is to add your app.

So I'm going to just go through the billing details and let's set up the Vault. So Flusk is now going to run a scan of my Bubble app, and it's going to check all of those criteria that we just looked at on the landing page. So I'm going to let Flusk do its thing and just fast forward from this bit. Okay, and there we go. The scan is complete. It just took a few minutes there. But like I say, it's very comprehensive.

Checking for Issues with Flusk

And I should say that the app that I've run the scan on is basically a fresh app that I've created where I've got some
. I've not applied any privacy rules, so let's see what Flusk highlights and will draw my attention to when I enter the Flusk Vault. So immediately you can see a really, really helpful dashboard. They have arranged this in a manner that when an issue is highlighted, they've got a different range of basically how critical the issue is. And then you just have a checklist to go through. And again, this is just built for Bubble app builders by Bubble app builders, and you can really tell.

So if I go on to checklist, you can see that I can go through and review all of the pages. Page sensitivity rating, basically, should the page be public or should it be hidden? We've got
sensitivity ratings. So here are the two data types I've got in my Bubble app. Let me show you. Like I said, it's a very simple demo app, barely any time spent in it. But I've got emails and I've got reports and I've got no privacy rules set up.

So Flusk has created this helpful checklist so that I can say whether it's sensitive or it's not sensitive because at the all of this data is public. So it just gives me a checklist to go through. I can't miss a thing when it comes to my Bubble app security, and Flusk is there to help me out with it. And let's go on to issues. So we can see here too that Flusk built for Bubble, which means that it takes into account your different versions. In this case, I've got a

Flusk is highlighting things that I might want to work on. And let me just close that
there. What's so helpful is even if you're just a beginner Bubble app creator, Flusk has explanations. It explains to you what each of the different issues means. And then they even have documentation. New window. Just taking that. They've put in the time to explain all of the bits that are so difficult and may be easy to overlook, misunderstand, but are critical. When you start inviting users onto your app, they have the help documents to explain it to you.

Enhancing Page Protection

Page protection is another important aspect of app security. Flusk provides a checklist to help you determine whether you should redirect users away from a specific page based on their login status. It ensures that you have complete control over who can access certain pages of your app.

The Privacy Rule Checker

Last thing I'd like to demo to you is perhaps my favorite aspect of the whole system, simply because it's just going to be going to take the worry and concern of one key aspect out of your mind as a Bubble app builder, and that is privacy rules. So I can open up the Privacy Rule checker, and I've been told that this is not actually necessarily part of the paid experience of Flusk. Now, anyone can have a go at this. But it's that their app is going through and checking my app for issues around privacy rules. And so we can see here what's available and what isn't. So we've got user no data was detected for this field. No data is currently leaked. Yeah, it just runs through and it checks my app and it will check my data types so that I don't have to worry about it. Let's go back to the dashboard.

Conclusion: Protecting Your Users with Flusk

Once more, you have a really clear interface here of all of the steps you need to take in order to appropriately secure your Bubble app. And I just wish there was a tool like this available when I was starting out launching things on