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Struggling with multiple integral AI workflows in Bubble? Plumb's visual AI pipeline builder expands upon what is possible in Bubble alone when working with Bubble.

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Professional Coaching App

An app for coaches to offer personal fitness, health, or life coaching sessions, track client progress, schedule appointments, and manage payments.

Freelancer Marketplace

A platform that connects freelancers with clients, integrating video calls for project discussions, and spaces for project management and payments.

Customer Support App

A platform for businesses to provide video customer support, handle real-time issues, and track customer queries and responses.

Virtual Event Planner

An app for hosting webinars, workshops, and virtual events with interactive sessions, participant management, and event scheduling.

Real Estate Touring App

A platform where real estate agents can arrange video tours, showcase property listings, and schedule appointments.

Music Teaching Platform

An online classroom for musicians offering video lessons, coursework, progress tracking, and feedback mechanisms.

Job Interview Portal

A platform for HR professionals to conduct video interviews, schedule appointments, and manage candidate information and assessments.

Online Tutoring App

An educational platform where students and tutors can interact with video calls, share resources, manage schedules, and track progress.

Teleheath Platform

Develop a telemedicine app with secure video consultations from healthcare professionals, appointment scheduling, patient records, and payment options.

Virtual Office App

Create a platform where remote teams can create 'rooms' for different projects and departments, collaborating and meeting through the Whereby API.

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