Our preferred transactional email provider. They may not offer a free plan but we've used their service for years and it's faultless.

Video thumbnail: How to add Postmark sender domains with the Bubble API Connector | Bubble Tutorials

How to add Postmark sender domains with the Bubble API Connector

In this Bubble coaching session with one of our members we explore how to add and verify custom sender domains using the Postmark API and the Bubble API Connector.

Can you build an email client with Bubble? - Quick Guide to Gmail API

You can build an app with Bubble and the Google Email API but it will end up costing more than $15,000 to launch your app.

How to pick a transactional email provider for your Bubble app

In this video we explain the importance of picking a reliable transactional email provider. Nearly all the emails you send from your Bubble app will be transactional emails and there are a series of things to consider that will improve deliverability and decrease the likelihood of your emails going into Spam or Junk. This video gives an overview of my thoughts about SendGrid, Mailgun and Postmark.

What happens when a user has forgotten their password

In this tutorial video we go through the steps and explain the behind the scenes processes that allow a user to reset their password in your Bubble app. We explain the role of transaction email providers such as SendGrid and Postmark.

How to send emails with Postmark and Bubble using templates

In this tutorial video we demonstrate how to link Postmark and Bubble with the API connector.

How To Create Basic Contact Form In

In this tutorial video we demonstrate how to create a simple contact form within your application. When the form is submitted we'll trigger a Workflow that sends an email to you with the contents of the form.

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