How to Build an NFT Marketplace Login with Figma &

In this tutorial video we demonstrate how and why you might choose to manually convert a Figma template into Bubble. This video explains padding, margins and explains the basics of CSS to help you get started.

Figma Themes & UI Kits - Where To Find Design Inspiration

In this tutorial video we share some of the top places to look for design inspiration, UI kits and themes for your Bubble app.

Recommended sites for inspiration and to purchase Bubble themes and UI Kits:

How to import Figma template into Bubble

In this tutorial video, we explain how to quickly import a Figma template into and the reasons why you might decide to manually build the design instead.

How to import a Figma design into Bubble step by step guide

In this tutorial video we demonstrate how to work with Figma and and the new responsive engine.

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