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Option Sets

Explore how to create custom data types and variables with the Option sets feature in Bubble. This advanced feature allows you to define your own data structures, such as colors, sizes, or categories, and use them in your app. Option sets enable you to create more flexible and reusable components that can be easily customized and adapted to different use cases.


How to set color hex code opacity in

In this Bubble tutorial video we share a quick color opacity trick at that came up in a Bubble Coaching call. Learn how you can make your hex code colors semi-transparent in this video.

Dynamic icons with Option Sets

In this tutorial we demonstrate how to use add Font Awesome icons to an Option Set and how to express a colour hex code within an Option Set.

The best navigation for one page Bubble app

Are you building a no-code one page Bubble app? How are you handling your navigation? In this Bubble tutorial video we'll explain why one page app navigation with custom states has limitations and how using Go to page... with URL parameters can improve your user experience.

How to use the debugger to find missing elements

In this tutorial we demonstrate how to use the Bubble Debugger bar to debug why an element is not visible when it should be. First we check the page element on the Bubble app page with the Inspect tool and element search, then we run our Workflow using Step by Step.

Creating a Chatbot experience using Bubble & ChatGPT API

In this Bubble tutorial we demonstrate how to use the ChatGPT API to create an AI chatbot like experience in your Bubble app. We dive right the deep end of the Bubble API Connector, we have getting started videos for the OpenAI API on our channel already. This video shows one way to approach the challenge of formating the message history correctly in JSON so that your chatbot is aware of the message history and respond accordingly.

How to create a gender selection dropdown using Option Sets in

In this tutorial video we show how to use Option Sets to create a gender selector in a registration workflow as a user signs up. Option Sets are an incredibly powerful tool for storing values that you'll be referring to over and over again in your Bubble application especially if you need to present this data in different ways such as gender and gender symbols or currencies and currency symbols.

How to show & hide visual elements with Custom States

In this tutorial video we demonstrate how using custom states to show and hide elements on your page can save your time and keep your app lean. In the second half of the video we take this app leanness a step further by explaining how Option Sets can save you time and from the pain of debugging typos.

Create shop filter using Custom States & Option Sets

In this tutorial video we demonstrate how you can filter your products on a shop product page in We'll be using Custom States and Option Sets to create this essential feature if you're building an ecommerce store with the Bubble app builder.