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Transactional emails


Add a logo to Postmark templates

Learn how to effortlessly integrate images into your emails using, making your email templates more engaging and professional with Postmark. have released a Bubble plugin

Learn how to seamlessly integrate the latest Loops plugin with to streamline your email API services without the need for extensive coding. Automate tasks, create contact integrations, and enhance user experiences with this innovative solution designed for efficiency in marketing and transactional emails.

Enhance your Bubble email communication with

This Bubble tutorial showcases, an incredible all-in-one SaaS email service. It allows you to send emails from your Bubble app to your users, providing transactional emails, marketing campaigns, and email automations. You can easily access its features through the Bubble API Connector.

How to pick a transactional email provider for your Bubble app

In this video we explain the importance of picking a reliable transactional email provider. Nearly all the emails you send from your Bubble app will be transactional emails and there are a series of things to consider that will improve deliverability and decrease the likelihood of your emails going into Spam or Junk. This video gives an overview of my thoughts about SendGrid, Mailgun and Postmark.