Discover Bubble App Building - Build Web Apps Without Code

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September 19, 2022
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Discover Bubble App Building - Build Web Apps Without Code

Building a Bubble app will transform your business and could even lead you to launching your own web application. The Bubble platform provides visual programming language, meaning you don't have to be a web app developer, you don't even need to know how to write a line of code, to build web applications.

The Bubble app builder provides a drag and drop app builder interface separated into six clear areas: design, workflows, data, styles, plugins&settings. Bubble app development cuts the time required to build full code applications. Learning Bubble will take a little time, we have a whole library of no code resources available and experts on hand to provide one to one Bubble coaching.

You can't ignore the fact that learning no code is so much quicker and accessible compared to traditional code. Examples of Bubble apps you can build include building your own Uber, Airbnb, Reddit or internal software to improve the efficiency of your business. When you learn Bubble visual programming (sometimes known as no-code) and begin to understand the endless possiblities of what you can build with the Bubble app builder you'll be starting to create a minimal viable product in no time.What is the Bubble app builder?

The Bubble platform launched in 2012 and over the last decade has come to dominate and become the best way to build web applications with no code. Learning the basics of Bubble app development means you don't have to know a thing about MYSQL, SFTP, Linux or Amazon Web Services to launch an internal tool for your business or create a minimum viable product to monetorise and be the next viral post on Product Hunt.

Bubble Features

What You Can Build with Bubble

The Bubble app builder provides you with all the tools you'll need to create your own web application. There's no need to learn any programming languages as you'll be using Bubble visual programming to create your app page by page, workflow by workflow to visually build your web app's user interface and make changes to your web app's database.

Bubble visual UI editor
No Code editor in

Build an internal tool for your business

Many businesses struggle with off the shelf software not quite fitting their specific requirements. A web application built with Bubble can take the place of imperfect inventory trackers, CRMs and expense report dashboards. So how much is Web app development with Bubble is incredibly affordable. You can create your own web application for under $30 a month.

Build a SaaS MVP

In the last few years coming up with a successful SaaS product that you launch, marketing and grow has become a license to print money. Each day new web apps are launched on websites such as BetaList and ProductHunt and seen by thousands of people. When you learn how to build a web app with Bubble a whole new world of opportunties greet you. You aren't restricted by programming languages and backend developer experience. You could be posting the web app you've created on Product Hunt in just a few weeks - no coding experience required.

What the the main limitations of Bubble

You'll quickly discover on your journey of Bubble app building that Bubble isn't the perfect no code app builder for every project. If you're wanting to build games or other applications are require complex graphics then I'd suggest you keep searching. Bubble is made for creating web apps. For example, with Bubble you can build CRMs and custom dashboards but not the next Assassin's Creed. However, don't be fooled into thinking that Bubble is only for building your own enterprise web apps. The Bubble platform provides all the tools necessary to build an Kahoot clone or quiz application.

What's the best way to start learning Bubble?

Simple: start building. The best way to learn how to build a web app with Bubble is to start building a web app with Bubble. Don't expect your first version to be perfect or even your third attempt. But every time you use the Bubble visual editor you'll be learning no code web app development. The Bubble onboarding provides a simple step by step tutorial for building your first web application. After that if you get stuck I'd recommend searching our library of Bubble tutorials. If you need another reason you to learn Bubble it's the active community support you'll receive from the Bubble forum. Everyone is incredibly helpful. Once you've made a start on your app, you can quickly speak to an expert Bubble coach by joining either our paid or free membership. So what are you waiting for? Learn how to build a web app with Bubble today.