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Add a logo to Postmark templates

Learn how to effortlessly integrate images into your emails using, making your email templates more engaging and professional with Postmark.

Empathic AI - AI Demo with

Experience the future of AI with empathetic technology like that can understand and respond to human emotions. Imagine the possibilities of integrating such advanced AI technology into your or no-code application for a more personalized user experience.

Let’s Build a No Code Invoice Web App - Part 4 (Email Invoices)

Learn how to enhance your no-code invoicing app by integrating Postmark for transactional emails in this comprehensive tutorial. Dive into setting up email templates, variables, and API connectors to create a seamless experience for sending invoices to your clients. Master the art of no-code development with this step-by-step guide.

Is Claude 3 better than OpenAI GPT-4?

Discover the power of Anthropic's Claude 3 models for building AI integrated no-code apps using Explore how the latest AI models like Claude 3 Haiku can outperform even GPT 4, revolutionizing the landscape of app development.

Does Anthropic's Claude 3 have a system prompt?

Learn how to integrate system prompts into your Claude app on to train, influence, and impact the output, all without needing to code. Explore the possibilities of no-code development with Claude 3 and OpenAI in our tutorial videos. have released a Bubble plugin

Learn how to seamlessly integrate the latest Loops plugin with to streamline your email API services without the need for extensive coding. Automate tasks, create contact integrations, and enhance user experiences with this innovative solution designed for efficiency in marketing and transactional emails.

Build a Claude 3 AI No Code App in 15 mins

Learn how to create a Claude 3 powered AI no-code app using in less than 15 minutes. Dive into this step-by-step guide on setting up a chat interface with Claude by Anthropic using the no-code platform.

No code app developer reacts to Claude 3

Looking to build an AI app with no code? Discover the latest advancements with Claude 3 by Anthropic and explore how it can revolutionize your development process on platforms like

Which is better? OpenAI vs Claude 3 - An Introduction

Learn about the latest advancements in AI models like Claude Haiku, Claude Sonnet, and Claude Opus and their comparison to OpenAI for building no-code web apps with in mind. Stay tuned for upcoming videos on integrating these models into your projects!

How to send data from Bubble to

In this Bubble tutorial video, learn how to seamlessly integrate data from to your Bubble app, showing you how to set up a scenario workflow to send and receive data effectively. Dive into the world of no-code development with these powerful integration tools.

No Code Video Conferencing App with WHEREBY - Part 4

In this Bubble tutorial, we delve into the essential steps to enhance the usability and security of a video conferencing app built with and no-code development. From setting up registration and login forms to configuring privacy rules, optimising your app for both functionality and safety is crucial.

No Code Video Conferencing App with WHEREBY - Part 3

Learn how to leverage and the power of no-code development to create a video conferencing app with ease. Dive into the tutorial series and explore the seamless integration of the Whereby API, all while mastering Bubble's capabilities for web app development.

No Code Video Conferencing App with WHEREBY - Part 2

In part two of our series, we explore using and the whereby embedded API to create a seamless no-code video conferencing app in record time. With step-by-step guidance and tips on authentication, creating meetings, and saving meeting data, this tutorial sets you up for success in building your own app. Whereby website:

Build a no-code AI Question & Answer bot

Learn how to create an AI question and answer app using the Perplexity AI API on without any code in this tutorial video. Master the art of integrating advanced functionalities seamlessly with no-code development.

OpenAI Rich Text Formatting

Learn how to add rich text formatting to your OpenAI API and ChatGPT messages in your app using BBcode or HTML.

Stripe vs Lemon Squeezy

Looking to add payments to your app? Learn about the differences between Stripe and Lemon Squeezy, including integration ease, pricing, additional features, and tax implications.

How to add live web search data to the OpenAI API

Learn how to harness the power of and the no-code movement to combine multiple APIs, including OpenAI, web scraping, and web search, to create a Chat GPT clone that can fetch live data from the web and provide accurate and up-to-date information on things to do in Paris in February 2024.

Build your own No-Code Search Engine with

Learn how to create your own no-code search engine using and the Brave search API in this tutorial. Discover how to connect to the API, structure the data, and display search results on a separate page.

3 easy mistakes to make with the API Connector

Learn how to avoid the top three mistakes of using the API connector, including keeping your API key private, understanding the correct content type to use, and setting the API call as an action rather than data to control usage and prevent excessive billing.

Calendar Subscription Link in Bubble - AddEvent 5

Learn how to integrate add event functionality into your app, allowing users to subscribe to events through their calendar apps, in the final video of this AddEvent API miniseries.

Creating Calendar Events - AddEvent 3

Learn how to create events in your app using the no-code platform's API connector and the AddEvent API. By following the step-by-step process, you can easily integrate event creation and management functionality into your app, including features like reminders that can't be built using default calendar plugins in

OAuth causing a headache? Try Pathfix

Learn how to simplify user authentication and integration with third-party platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Quickbooks using with the help of Pathfix, a convenient plugin that takes the headache out of OAuth authentication.

Embedding our dynamic AddEvent Calendar in Bubble - AddEvent 2

Learn how to embed a dynamic calendar into your app using the no-code platform AddEvent, allowing users to view their own personalized calendar. Customize and update the calendar code to ensure it displays the correct user's calendar.

Creating Calendar Feeds in Bubble - Introduction to

In this Bubble tutorial, we explore the AddEvent API and its advanced calendar features. If you're building a no-code Bubble app and want to provide your users with live event updates and the ability to subscribe to a calendar feed, then look no further than AddEvent. With features like sharing events, collecting RSVPs, subscribing to calendars, and creating embeddable calendars, AddEvent is a powerful tool for event management and membership systems.

Building a form in Bubble - Beginner’s guide

In this Bubble tutorial, we'll guide you through the process of creating a form in You'll learn how to add design elements and create a functional form for your projects. We'll cover topics such as adding text elements, input fields, uploading images, and using plugins to enhance the user experience. Plus, we'll show you how to add a Toast notification for successful form submissions.

Link to a database entry with a QR code

In this Bubble tutorial video, you'll learn how to create QR codes that link to specific entries in your Bubble database. This feature is especially useful for apps with sharing functionality, allowing users to easily share QR codes that lead to specific pages or records in the app. Watch the video to see a step-by-step guide on how to implement this feature and take your Bubble app to the next level.

Better checkboxes and toggles

In this Bubble tutorial video we demonstrate how you can quickly improve the look of checkboxes in your Bubble app by adding an Ionic Toggle.

Build a no-code chatbot with custom knowledge base in 5 mins

In this Bubble tutorial, we show you how to quickly set up a custom chatbot powered by your own knowledge base using Voiceflow. Learn how to create an interface to upload documents, submit URLs, and engage with the Voiceflow API to get query data back from your knowledge base within your Bubble app. No more struggling with tricky chatbot setups in Bubble - we've got you covered with this step-by-step guide. Watch now to level up your chatbot game!

Build Your Own No-Code Custom GPT

Learn how to build your own custom GPT with no-code,, and the OpenAI API in just 20 minutes! Capitalize on the power of no-code development and the ease of to customize AI for your unique business needs. Get started in the world of AI without needing extensive coding knowledge, making the process more accessible and cost-efficient. This video will guide you on how to streamline business operations, transform customer experiences, and tap into new revenue streams in the AI market, all with the power of no-code AI development.

OpenAI & JSON Mode

In this Bubble tutorial we demonstrate how to use the new OpenAI JSON mode. Any Bubble app creator using OpenAI in their Bubble app will benefit from this tutorial because JSON mode ({ "type": "json_object" }) returns a much more reliably formatted message reply from OpenAI.