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Here's a super quick tip that I'm surprised many people don't know about which can be immensely helpful when signing up test users to your SaaS app. Whether you're building a no-code MVP with Bubble or any other platform, this can be really helpful.

And it's something that's been documented since 2008, including this blog post by Google themselves, pointing out that you can add a plus symbol into a Gmail address or a Google Workspace address and make it arrive in the same inbox.

So for example if you're signing up test users to your Bubble app and you thought "oh but I've already used my Gmail address and Bubble won't let me sign up for more than one account with the same email address, I'll just use a friend's email address or I'll use my partner's email address."

Using a + in Gmail addresses

You don't need to bother doing any of that because you can't even access those inboxes, here's what you need to do. You can just put +1. Okay, sign the user up, test the user. +2. You could have test 1 or test 2. It really is so simple. In fact, it can basically give you an infinite number of test user email addresses using this well-known, is it a hack? I don't know if you could call it a hack, hidden feature of Gmail which is including a plus after the main part of the email address but before the outside you can put any regular characters in there and create a whole new email address from the perspective of the app you're building but from Gmail's perspective it's exactly the same email address or at least it arrives in exactly the same inbox.

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