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You no longer have to use a workaround if you want to schedule from daily into larger increments. So what we have so far is showing you how to create a backend workflow that is a recurring workflow and is scheduling this event's daily email to users.

How to cancel a recurring workflow

But how do you cancel it? And it's really quick and easy to do. So I've added in a button called cancel, and I'm going to add in a workflow. And so I now go to set or cancel a recurring event. I choose the event that I had scheduled before, and then the way that it's identified, the piece of data that the recurring event laches onto, I enter this current user, and you can see that here. So in order for Bubble to be able to find the right event to cancel, we need to link it back to current user. And then the frequency, I just set to none. And then if I preview that, and just to show you what's going on in logs, Scheduler, you can see that I have the workflow scheduled for roughly 24 hours time.

That is tomorrow for me when I'm recording this video. But then when I click this button and then press the double, you can see that the recurring workflow has been canceled. So there you have it. That is how to cancel a recurring workflow, a recurring event in Bubble.


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