Limited Time Offer: Watch All Our Bubble Tutorial Videos for Only $99 per Year! Beginners - How to create a new database entry

In this Bubble tutorial for beginners we explain how you can create new entries in your Bubble database using a form. We use the Create new thing workflow action to create a new contact using 2 input fields.

In this Bubble tutorial video, I'm going to show you one way that you can save data to your database from your design. So we've got a form here and this is going to create a contact and if I show you my data tab, I've already got a data type called contacts.

How to create a new database entry

So how do I save name and email address and create a new contact? So we have a button and we have two fields and I'm going to add a workflow to the button. So I click on the button and I click Add Workflow. And that takes me into the workflow tab and it sets up a workflow for when button create is clicked, I can now do a series of actions. And the action that I want to take is Data >  Create a new thing. And then I choose from my data types that I've already got and this time I'm choosing contacts and then I find the field. So I have name and I have email. And now I need to link my form, my inputs in the design tab to the fields here saying that name equals, and so I find my input name and its value and I find my input email address and its value.


Let's preview that. So let's put in a name and we'll put in an email address and I click create. And hopefully if we go into data, we'll see that a new record has been created for Tony with email address So that's how you do it. a really simple way of saving data to your database.

Suggested next steps

A next step would be most people if you are taking your user to a form and you want them filling that in and then you want to take them back you would add in a go-to page and say take them back to your index page or your dashboard page so that when they've completed the form as you saw when I just did it you're stuck you want to change that you want to move them on to your next page keep the flow going in

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