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How to send data from to Bubble

In this Bubble tutorial video, learn how to seamlessly integrate data between web applications using services like and webhooks. Enhance your Bubble app's functionality with these step-by-step instructions on connecting with no-code platforms like


Make is a fantastic tool for integrating and sending data between different web applications. And in this bubble tutorial video, I'm going to show you how we can link bubble in with make. And I'm going to begin by showing you how we can send data from your bubble app into a make scenario or a make workflow. And if you're learning bubble and you want to see more videos like this, then click the link down in the description because on our website we've got hundreds and hundreds of bubble tutorial videos just like this one. So we're going to send data from our bubble app through to make.

Setting up Custom Webhook in Make

So if I go into my make account and I create a new scenario, now the technology that we're going to use and a term that's going to come up a lot is webhooks. It's basically the ability of saying, here's a notification with data attached to it going from one service or third party app to another. So if we click here and then go for webhooks, I'm going to say custom webhook and I'm going to add a new one. I'll call this one bubble app test.

Creating API in Bubble

Okay, make gives me a unique address and this is an address that is expecting to receive data. So I'm going to copy the address and go into my bubble app and go down to the API connector and add a new API and I'll say make. And then I'm going to say send data. Now of course, this is going to be very particular to what you're actually wanting to do. And let's not forget that Bubble is so capable of integrating directly in with other apps.

Using a Third-Party Service

But sometimes it is appropriate to have a service like Make or Zapier sit in the middle because it can just make the connection maybe a little bit quicker to set up or a little bit less technical, especially if you're having to kind of look up a record and make changes to a record. It can help to use a third party service. But for now, just going to cover the basics, we're going to send a post request to make. I'm setting it as an action so that it appears as like a node within a workflow in Bubble.

Inserting Dynamic Data

And I can then insert data into that and let's just add in some parameters and this is where we can insert dynamic data. So again, it's going to be specific to what you're trying to do, but let's say we're doing something with like a CRM. So we could have name, we could have email and we could have country. Now these aren't going to be private because this is all data that the user who triggers this action is going to have available to them anyway. And also it can't be private if I intend to fill this field in a workflow so we can say name Matt email and country UK.

Testing the Webhook

I'm going to go back into make and just check that it, oh, is it waiting? It was sort of processing. I might need to just go back and retry that, but copy that address. We'll send some data through and see what happens. So from Bubble's perspective, we need to initialize the call and this is to check that there aren't going to be any errors. And that basically I filled in the data here successfully.

Receiving Data in Make

So let's initialize call. No scenario listening on this webhook. Let's go back into here. I think I've waited. There we go. Right now it's listening. That's listening. So API returns a non object. You picked Json. So I think if I make that empty, basically with most third party services the API is going to respond with something. But I think because we're initializing this through bubble and mate is just looking for training. Let's go back. Determine initialize. Okay, think that's worked.

Viewing Sent Data in Make

So now if I was to add in another module, is it going to make me sign in with all of these? I just want to be able to print the data. It's been a while since I've used filter on there. There's going to be folks out there who are much more proficient at make than me. I'm basically just wanting to see the example data that I sent through and I can't remember how to do that's. But let's just say we're sending it on to another service. So I'm also going to go for webhooks. Ah, I think I just worked it out as I go. So we'll have it send a success. Now if I go back into Bubble and say it's going to get JSon back, let's try that. It's live. Okay. It needs to be listening because my webhook isn't live. Go.

Final Testing and Conclusion

Okay, I'm going to test the run. So I'm going to send data and we can see it's gone through. Here we go. Right. So I had to run it once and there you go. You can see, right, should have put a bit more prep on this one. You can see that the data has come through and then I would be able to access that data in further actions in make. So you can launch into any of the other integrations that are available in make from here, but we've managed to get data from our bubble app to make. Now let me just demonstrate how we put that into a workflow. So I'm going to create a new page, call it make, not pay any attention to design because I'm going to add this in and then I'm going to add in to my input. So I'm going to have one, two, three. So those are my three fields too many there. Yeah. Okay, so this button is clicked. How do I send that data to make?

Well, if I go back here, this needs to be initialized, otherwise it won't show up. So I'm just going to say empty initialize. Cool. Right. Now design edit, workflow. And then I go into plugins. And these are all of either actions created by plugins I've installed or by integrations I've set up in the API connector. So here is make send data and here are my fields. And so I just would link it to my different values in my different inputs. Okay. And then that would send data into the webhook, assuming that I've got other integrations set up in my make scenario, and I've published the scenario to live. So if you want to see me do anything else with make or bubble, then please do leave a comment below and remember to like and subscribe to support this channel.

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