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Here's a quick Bubble tip for anyone building a Bubble app where they're having to work with timezones. In fact, this is a must. Working with timezones used to be a real headache with Bubble and it still is, but this will make your life a lot easier.

Settings - Override Timezones in Bubble

And that is by going into settings, general, and then making sure you've got these boxes ticked here. Enable timezone override controls, date to time inputs, page, backend workflows. I'll just give you one example of how this can really help out. If I go into design and I get the date time picker and I add it to the page, I can now select where the timezone comes from.

It can be current pages timezone, which I can then set on the page, and that's set to users current timezone. This is what Bubble detects from the user's browser and determines the timezone. But you could have a pick a timezone based on a static choice or what else can we do here, timezone. You can have dynamic choice for the date time picker here. So you could have a field on current user where you store the timezone and so you could let the current user set their own timezone and then wherever they are in their Bubble app, even if they, you know, they move from country to country, the timezone will be the timezone they set in your settings panel that you create for them as a user, compared to it being dynamically automatically filled out by the browser each time. So that's my quick top tip for working with timezones.

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And if you're looking for more tips, more advice, more help for building apps with Bubble and launching your app and your SaaS products, then you need to head to our website because we've got hundreds of Bubble tutorial videos just for you from beginner all the way through to advanced, that I would class this as advanced timezone tips. If you've got any questions about working with timezones, please do leave a comment down below.

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