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Stripe vs Lemon Squeezy

Looking to add payments to your app? Learn about the differences between Stripe and Lemon Squeezy, including integration ease, pricing, additional features, and tax implications.

Stripe vs. Lemon Squeezy: A Comparison for Adding Payments to Your Bubble App

Which is better, stripe or lemon squeezy for adding payments into your bubble app? As a quick overview, the core payment provider features are basically very similar. Both will allow you to do one off purchases and both will allow you to do subscriptions. But let's first of all start on Stripe. As you know, they're the dominating force in this space.

Stripe: A Dominating Force in Payment Processing

And also technically, Lemon squeezy is much more than this. I don't want to undermine their company at all. I really like them, but it's basically a wrapper with additional features around stripe. They use stripe at their core, but let's start with stripe. And one of the key things is that bubble has got a plugin that they've developed that adds in a lot of deep integration in with your stripe account.

Deep Integration with Stripe in Bubble

For example, the fact that your bubble app has got multiple versions. At the very least it's got a live version and a dev version. The bubble app will automatically mirror that into your stripe test version and your stripe live version. The integration goes deeper because Bubble will add in additional fields on current users such as the Stripe ID, and even going down into particular subscription endpoints, like you could say current users subscription, and get a list of the subscriptions that they've currently got going. So on one hand, stripe is very quick to get going with bubble.

Lemon Squeezy: Simplified Integration and No Code-Friendly

On the other hand, and this is why I think Lemma Squeezy has been increasing in popularity because stripe at its core was like a developer tool in the coded sense. And then I've seen over the last few years that Stripe has been adding in many features such as like a hosted checkout and customer portals that mean that you don't have to be a developer to use many of their services. They're making it more no code-friendly in many respects. Lemon squeezing, I think, takes that to the next step. They've got a much clearer dashboard.

Clear Dashboard and Easy-to-Start Platform

A lot of the technical stuff is available, but they basically keep it simple and make it very easy to get started with their platform. And so like I said, with stripe you can add in checkouts. So you basically do it like a redirect. You bounce your user onto the lemon squeezy checkout, they complete their checkout, any webhooks are sent, very similar to stripe, so that you can update if the user subscribed or unsubscribed in your bubble database. And all the transaction information of course goes through lemon squeezy.

Pricing Differences: Transaction Fees and Additional Features

One of the main differences is going to be pricing, and this will of course vary depending on what part of the world you're in. But overall, the impression, I think we can see the differences here. Lemon squeezy, again, because they use stripe, everything they run is basically on top of stripe. Of course they have to add a surcharge onto that. So the transaction fees are higher on lemon squeezy, but on their pricing page here, they are making it clear that there are additional features.

Additional Features and Benefits of Lemon Squeezy

So a pro plus in the lemon squeezy column is the fact that you've got email marketing and you've got affiliates built into your payment provider. And that can really help you up you in those early mvp stages because you're not having to pay for and integrate two other services so that you can email different segmentations of your users depending on what plan they're on. Lemon Squeezy's got that all built in. And then if you're launching an app that lends itself to like affiliate marketing, then also lemon squeezy has got that built in. And there's a number of different software packages that I've purchased which they all run through the lemon squeezy affiliate portal, which means that me, as someone who occasionally shares links, can view all of the links that I'm sharing all in one go.

Easy Tax Handling with Lemon Squeezy

And lastly, and I see a lot of people talking about this on Twitter, is that apparently, again, this depends on what part of the world you're in. The implications for how you handle and you record and collect your tax are made easier with lemon squeezy than with stripe. I get the impression that a lot of people find the stripe tax side that they're offering to be quite taxing, whereas from what I've read, lemon squeezy kind of takes care of it. And so you can think of that as being part of the overall cost here. Last thing I saw a discussion yesterday on Twitter about, basically there is a certain list of products and services that you can't sell through lemon squeezy.

Considerations and Restrictions

Of course, both have got the illegal things that you can't charge users for through the platform. Same with stripe, same with lemon squeezy. But before you invest in setting up your bubble API connector, setting up your account, getting verified, all that sort of thing, I would really make sure that you read through their T's and C's, check the type of transactions that they would allow them permit you to put through before you invest your time in them. So there's my quick overview of lemon squeezy and stripe. It's going to really vary depending on the individual.


Personally, I think it comes down to the transaction fee, but then again, I'd say that lemon squeezy may well be the easiest one to integrate in with bubble, even though bubble has got its own stripe plugin, because the lemon squeezy dashboard, it just takes the technical level down in order to do basic things such as one-off purchases and subscriptions. Now, if you think there's another payment provider you'd like me to comment on, or you've got a comment to do with stripe or lemon squeezy, then please do leave a comment down below.

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