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OAuth causing a headache? Try Pathfix

Learn how to simplify user authentication and integration with third-party platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Quickbooks using with the help of Pathfix, a convenient plugin that takes the headache out of OAuth authentication.

Logging Users into Third Party Apps Made Easy with Pathfix

If you're needing to log your users into third party apps like Twitter, Slash X, Instagram, TikTok, those sorts of things, because you want to be able to do things or access data in their accounts, then you've probably discovered how much of a headache o auth authentication can be with bubble.

Discovering Pathfix for Easy Integration

You have your refresh tokens, you, basic things timeout. Yeah, there's a load of headaches. That's why I'm wanting to a quick video to recommend that you check out a service called Pathfix. I discovered Pathfix when I was working on a Twitter post scheduling tool right before Elon Musk ruined the Twitter API.

The Benefits of Using Pathfix

But it got me using Pathfix and I would really recommend them. So we can just have a look at some of the platforms that they allow you to easily integrate in with. Where's the list of them seal plugins. They have a bubble plugin, and this bubble plugin will make it ten times easier for you to allow your users to log in and for you to do things through your bubble app with any of the services listing here.

Diverse Integration Possibilities with Pathfix Plugin

So yeah, we've got slack, we've got Quickbooks, Instagram, Facebook, Google Calendar, all made so much easier because of this plugin. And if you want me to go through and do further videos on pathfix, please leave a comment below. And if you're learning bubble, there's no better place to do it than, where we've got hundreds, literally hundreds, of bubble tutorial videos just like this one to help you accelerate your bubble app development and hopefully save you plenty of time and get you to launch your business even quicker.

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