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This is a ChatGPT clone which has got real time streaming of the text into it, and we'll be demoing that. But if you want to see how I did that, check out my last video. But I'm just going to add some design improvements here.

Changing ChatGPT message backgrounds

So if I go to the demo, you can see here I've just got a simple repeating group with a text field inside a text label. So I'm going to improve the design of my repeating group by making the separator, let's say, 20 pixels. And that adds in a uniform gap between each element. But I don't want it to be grey. I just want it to be transparent. So I change that. I'm then going to get rid of the fixed number of rows, make the min height of rows zero, change my text height, min height to zero. So now everything is only going to be as big as it needs to be. But I want to make the chat Bubble's even more attractive.

So I'm going to add in a background. So background for... I'm going to make it a light grey, and I'm going to add in some padding. Let's say eight from the top and bottom and then 12 from the left and right. And I'm going to add in some roundness because all good chat Bubble's, or at least the friendly ones, have got rounded edges. Let's check that out.

Using modulo for even and odd numbered rows

So what is the capital of Wales? And here we should see the... Here we go. The text streaming in, the capital Wales is Cardiff. Now, I want to even more improve this, which is that I think I'll make my text bubbles a bluey grey and the AI's responses leave it as the current grey. So I could do that very easily by going into Conditional and saying, When current sales index, modulo by two. And this is basically a way of finding a remainder. It's one way of checking to see if a number is even or odd. And so I'm going to say is one. I'm going to change the background color into a blue, and I could preview that there. It's a little bit dark. There we go. Let's try that.

What is the capital of Iceland? There you go. The capital of Iceland is Reykjavik. And we've got the two different tones of colour coming in there.

So there you have it. That's a wrap up on this video. If you have any questions about ChatGPT and Bubble, if you've got any questions about this plugin. If you would like to see me demonstrate anything on the Bubble app, please leave a comment below. We read every single one. If you want more help, you can head to our website where we've got exclusive member only videos.

And if you want a little bit of one to one help with myself and the Bubble coaching team we've got, then you can reach out through our website and you can book a one to one call where we can really tick off some issues that you're getting stuck with with your Bubble app during our Zoom call.

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