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Tracking User activity & events in your Bubble app with LogSnag

In this Bubble tutorial we demonstrate how to track user activity and gather basic analytics for how your Bubble app is being used using Logsnag.

If you're looking for a quick and simple way to track your users in your Bubble apps to track their events, to get basic analytic data about the actions they're taking in your app, then I wholeheartedly recommend LogSnag. And I'm going to show you in this quick video how you can integrate it in with your Bubble app and start sending events that your users take into LogSnag.

Install the LogSnag plugin

So let's start let's start off with a blank page here. And all we're going to do for now is track a simple button press. So I'll call this button, press this button, and then go to plugins and I add in the LogSnag plugin. And I think I'll use this one here. Now, you can integrate in with the API connector, but they've provided the plugin for you. So we're going to do it the quick and easy way. And you can see here the plugin provides actions. You can send an event or an insight. We're just focusing on events for now, such as user has clicked this button.

Recording a user event with LogSnag

I then go into my Log snag account and copy my API key. And let's set up the workflow. So when this button is clicked, I want to... Where's LogSnag? It's in here. LogSnag, Send Events. There's LogSnag. There we go. So I have to choose a project. And then I go into my account, you can see I've got a project here. So pnc demo. I then have to choose a channel. And that's just basically a way of grouping together your events. So I've got a channel here of user clicks button. And then I need an event. And let's just check to see in the documentation, what exactly do I do with events? I can just name it whatever I want. I'll just call it user clicked special button. Here is a description. I think that's what I need to do. I can hit preview and then I'll press the button. I go into LogSnag, we can see that the user has clicked the button and it's now recorded in this channel here.

So if I ask to click it again, we see that it appears again. Now, you can send all sorts of different types of data here. If you want to create an aggregation or a count or something, you can use Insight you can combine that with charts.

I think that this is a fantastic product because it's so neatly laid out and just gets you those basic and simple analytics. Something that is also really cool to point out is that you can check notify and then you can download the LogSnag app onto your phone if you want to receive a notification, a push notification when the user takes an action in your app.

So there you have it. I hope you have a really quick way and simple way to add event tracking into your app. I know that there's a whole suite of other tools out there. To be honest, they've got very complicated APIs. They might be a bit over kill for an MVP. This is the event tracking tool I'd recommend for an MVP. If you have any questions, if you want a little bit of one to one help, you can reach out to us through our website.


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