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Build No Code Meeting Bots with

Mmake your own customizable meeting bot application using, a powerful no-code web application platform. By integrating with third-party APIs like, you can unlock the potential to automate transcriptions, analysis, and more for your virtual meetings.

If you spend anywhere as much time as me on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, then you will have encountered someone using a meeting bot.

If you spend anywhere as much time as me on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, then you will have encountered someone using a meeting bot. Maybe it's Otter AI. And what a meeting bot allows them to do is to get a transcription and a recording of the meeting, and then all sorts of cool AI features like summaries, transcription, action points. AI just means you can take a transcript and you can do amazing things with the data provided in it.

Building Your Own Meeting Bot

Now, if you ever thought about, well, maybe I can build one of these, you know, there's all sorts of industries that now since the pandemic, since COVID we're using video calls so much more and they've become a much more acceptable way to meet. And you might be wondering, well, I've got an idea for one, but how would I go about building it?

Introducing Recall.AI

Well, here's a service that I've been recommended, and it's called recall AI, and it is the universal API for meeting bots. And if you follow this channel, if you subscribed, if you haven't, please do. Then you'll know that we can build amazing apps with Bubble IO, which is a no code web application platform. And we can extend the potential of bubble by integrating in with third party APIs. And that is just basically the way that two different servers or services or software communicate with each other.

Unlocking the Potential of Recall AI

And so what you can do with recall is that you can, you can take notes, you can have it analyze the conversation, you can basically do anything that you see other meeting bots doing, and you can do it all through the API. It looks like, yeah, Zoom, Google Meets Microsoft Teams. They've got slack huddles as a beta, just some real cool potential. What you can do here, look, even Hipaa compliant.

Exploring Use Cases

So yeah, if you are interested in building a meeting bots application, you maybe want to do your own thing with the meeting data. Like for example, an idea I had recently is using live transcription, no matter how talented, like a sales call or even something like therapy. Although obviously be careful with the privacy side of that and the consent side. But what if the transcription in combination with an AI, again, privacy consent, all very important. But if that all worked together, if that was all possible, you could have a meeting bot that provided prompts to the professional who's guiding the conversation. Even if you've got years of experience, the information that an AI can draw upon you, even feed it with PDF's of the particular type of practice that you take part in, and it can just suggest, well, this is where the conversation goes. It can pick up on things that maybe you haven't picked up on before, because we're all human, we all overlook things, but the transcription combined with the AI could do amazing things.

Conclusion and Call to Action

I'm going to sign up for a demo because I'd really love to give this application a try. And yeah, please leave a comment below if you've got any ideas of how you could use a meeting bot to do something really cool. And if you're learning bubble, then click the link down below. Also, because we've got hundreds of bubble tutorial videos not quite like this one. This is more just highlighting a service because that seems to be quite useful content. I do like to highlight cool services that come my way, but my main thing here, my main stick, is to teach people how to build no code apps using bubble IO. So click that link down there to get access to hundreds of videos of our content.

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