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Is Lemon Squeezy a good Stripe alternative for - Part 2

Did you know that Lemon Squeezy is a good alternative to Stripe for handling payments, subscriptions and transactions through your app. Here are two more reasons that Lemon Squeezy is the best payment gateway for Bubble apps.

I've literally hit stop on my last video about and Lemon Squeezy and I thought I've missed out two amazing features that Lemon Squeezy has baked in from the beginning included in the cost which Stripe doesn't have baked in and you would need additional software and additional costs likely in order to support those features.

Built in affiliate dashboard

They are number one affiliate links and Lemon Squeezy provides a dashboard for sellers and for those sharing the affiliate links which you can see a screenshot of here. It's really beautifully laid out. It's incredibly easy for people to use. We are signed up as a Lemon Squeezy affiliate because we have an affiliate link for the software I'm using to record this right now. That software being Screen Studio. You can find the link in the description for that and so we know just how easy it is from the sharing links pointed for you to sign up and become an affiliate of software or of a platform that's using Lemon Squeezy as a payment provider.

Built in CRM and email marketing

The other element of Lemon Squeezy which is just baked in is email marketing. And so you can see that there's a generous startup of 500 subscribers and that's, you know, that's plenty to get your MVP going that you're building in Bubble. And then just look at some of the features here. It's email marketing made easy. They've got methodology in place to try and keep you out of this spam folder. Email tracking, understand your audience, segmentation, real profiles. They're gonna link the email data with the payment data that all goes through the Lemon Squeezy platform. You've basically got the beginnings here of a CRM and so you with the payment platform here of Lemon Squeezy, you've got many of the features that are just going to help you jump start your MVP, the startup, whatever you're building with Bubble, and they're included in the software. So, yes, the cost here per transaction is, of course, higher than Stripe, and if you want to keep that low, you're really looking at the 1 or 2% difference, then Stripe is still the best bet to go with.


However, if you're looking to just ease your way in without a lot of the complications that come with Stripe, or the additional software add-ons that you have to bolt on, on. Lemon Squeezy is a great option because they include everything for handling the tax, they've got the checkouts, they've got the email marketing and they've got the affiliates all baked into one easy to use platform.

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