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Testing the World's First eLLM

Here's an exciting AI demo for you. This is the world's first eLLM by Hume AI. But what's an eLLM? Watch to find out.

eLLM - A Revolutionary AI Demo

Here's an exciting AI demo for you. This is the world's first eLLM by Hume AI. But what's an eLLM? Well, the "e" stands for empathetic, which means that it is detecting my emotions. In fact, you can see here that it is looking for and differentiating between 37 different kinds of emotional expressions just using my webcam. So as I talk, it's picking up on different expressions.

Emotional Intelligence in Action

There we go. Amusement, excited. I'm going to inject a lot of excitement into my voice and hopefully, the excitement is going to go really far up to the top. Okay, there we go. Interest, amusement, joy. If I say something really sad, like I'm actually just having a really tough week, let's just see. Oh, God. Picks up pain, sadness, confusion.

The Evolution of AI

Okay, this is so exciting because I remember when Chat GPT first came out, we were told, you know, there were the headlines saying that AI is going to take all jobs except for the pastoral jobs. I remember reading that somewhere. We've got an AI now, which is potentially better, certainly on a quantitative way, is better at detecting human emotions than a human. Evolution, of course, gives us a big boost, the ability for most of us to be able to look at another human face and tell what they're feeling on the inside. That's part of who we are as humans and our needs to be social mammals. But what if an AI is already better or on the path to being better?

The Future of Mental Health

What if an AI therapist is just going to pick up things that even the best trained, most experienced human therapist cannot pick up? And that's really important for democratizing solutions to mental health. It just means that the price of a therapy session can come way down. If that therapy session can be, can be hosted by an AI. Now, there's some ethical considerations there, of course, there's privacy considerations.

The Potential of AI in Healthcare

But I just wanted to give you this demo of Hume because I think that it just adds a whole extra building onto the mansion that is becoming AI and what AI can do, and that's the potential to do in the future and impact our lives. Because I like to make a comparison with driverless cars. It is, of course, a huge challenge with all of the cameras. Maybe Lidar involved the machine learning to interpret what's going on around the car on the road. It's a huge challenge to have full self-driving cars. But at the end of the day, as long as it can be proved that a computer can drive safer than a human, that the statistics say that a computer has less accidents than a human, well, then that's safer.

The Ethical Framework of AI

So I think we can apply the same ethical framework potentially to AI, particularly when used in a medical or therapeutic context, which is as long as it makes less mistakes, as long as it does less harm than the average human practitioner in that role, then shouldn't we be looking to the AI? Shouldn't we be using the AI to do these most amazing things in our lives and bring that price down and just make therapy, AI therapy, for example, AI coaching is another one so much more affordable and so much more accessible to populations all around the world.

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