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How to send data from Bubble to

In this Bubble tutorial video, learn how to seamlessly integrate data from to your Bubble app, showing you how to set up a scenario workflow to send and receive data effectively. Dive into the world of no-code development with these powerful integration tools.


Make is a powerful integration tool and a great alternative to Zapier. In this bold tutorial video, I'm going to show you how we can take data from make. We've got other apps linked into it and we want to send that data into our bubble app. Now remember that bubble is incredibly powerful at just being able to receive data from other services, but it may be appropriate to use something like make or Zapier in the future, particularly if they have an integration in with a service that doesn't have a public API. Let's dive into it.

Setting up a Scenario in Make

So we're going to go into make and set up a scenario. A scenario is a workflow, or Zapier as Zapier would call it, a zap. And I'm just going to jump straight to the key bit, which is that you can basically have anything preceding this point and then you just need it to end in an HTTP request. And we can say just make a request.

Working with Bubble App

You can protect it otherwise, but we just wanted to send data. So then we go into our bubble app and we need to go into backend workflows because this is where bubble is going to receive the data in. So if we go new workflow and I'll call this one make demo, it needs to be public. You may find that you need to run without authentication and you need to run ignoring privacy rules. It really depends on what you're doing with the inbound data.

Creator Field and Data Requests

Just remember that when anyone as a current user in your app creates something, they are automatically assigned the creator field on that data type, the entry in your database for that data type. But remember, if you trigger something to be created here as a result of the API data coming in from make, there's no creator because there is no current user. Make has started off this workflow, so there is going to be no creator field. So we can just say that we'll put this into detect data requests and say detect data. And then I'm going to copy that.

Configuring Data Fields

I go through here and paste it in, set it as post and let's add in.

We can say multi-form and then let's add in our fields. So we'll say text and we'll say name value is Matt. Let's add in another item and we can say email and we'll say

Preparing Bubble App for Data

Okay, now if I go back into bubble. I need it in this mode here. Detecting request data. Notice that it's got initialize in there. You only need that for this precise moment.

We need to remove initialize from make once we're done. And also notice that your backend workflows, your API endpoints, are specific to the version of the app that you're working with. So let's go back into here and we'll say run once. Okay, that looks like it was successful. We go back into bubble.

Error in the Process

Not so successful there.

Why, is there an issue? Oh look, there we go. Something went wrong copying this across. Oh, look at that. That's a bit buggy.

Fixing the Error

Didn't select the whole thing. There we go.

Run save changes.

Run. No, contains unsafe changes. What's going on there? It's been a while since I've used make. So what have I done here?

Well, yeah, interestingly, you can do it on intervals. That's pretty cool. Ignore warnings.

This module contains unsaved changes.

There we go. And look, there we go. The data has arrived in. So what if I then want to create something with this data? Well, I'd go data, create a new thing.

Creating a New Contact

And this is a demo app that I've used with loads of other projects, videos. So we'll just go with contacts and we'll say first name. And we go request data name. That's it. An email would be request data email.

Additional Considerations

So a few things to remember here. Remember that this contact that's created here does not have a creator field. So you may want to consider adding in a manual creator field and doing a search for and matching it to the right user, and then adjusting your privacy rules accordingly so that both if it's the bubble creator field and the manual creator field, the same rule applies. Remember, if you do that, you'll need to check the ignore privacy rules because you've likely got privacy rules stopping a search through all your users and making some sort of match. Like if you were trying to match the email address, you'd need to have that field available to this workflow.


The other thing to remember is that once we've initialized it and we checked, it's all working. We need to remove initialize because now it's actually in the state where this is just going to run. When make sends any data to this API workflow, this is what's going to happen. It's going to create a new contact. So there you go.

That's how you can take data from make and send it through to your bubble app. If you've got any questions, you've got any ideas or videos that you'd like us to create, please do leave a comment and of course, like and subscribe.

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