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How to send data from to Zapier

In this Bubble tutorial we explain how to send data from your Bubble app to Zapier. Zapier can help you to integrate in with 1000s of other web services, but we always recommend checking if the service has a well documented public API as you may be able to connect directly from the Bubble API Connector - saving money off a Zapier account.

Welcome to part two of our mini series of how to send data between Zapier and Bubble. In the previous video, I demonstrated how we could use Zapier to extract new entries from an RSS feed, in this case a podcast, the podcast being Diary of the CEO, and import that data into our Bubble app through a Zapier Zap and sending to an endpoint of our Bubble app.

Connect Bubble to Zapier

In this Bubble tutorial video, I'm going to show you how we can do the opposite, which is how we can send data from our Bubble app to Zapier.

Zapier or the Bubble API Connector

Now, just like a quick disclaimer, there are many of the services that are listed in Zapier. You could probably do a better job and a more thorough job of integrating in with those services by connecting to their API directly using the Bubble API Connector. But there are some exceptions and that's why I'm recording this video. Particularly services with OAuth, OAuth 2.0, it gets very complicated and Zapier might just save you a lot of time. So, what do we do to send data from our Bubble app to Zapier? Well, we're going to be using webhooks again and we're going to be using the Bubble API connector.


But before I launch into that, you're watching this video because you're learning Bubble and you can unlock hundreds of our tutorial videos. You can't find them anywhere else apart from our website where we are building a community of no-code app creators just like you. So join our community, become a member and unlock all of our videos to accelerate your Bubble app development journey. Right, let's launch into Bubble to Zapier.

Bubble API Connector & Zapier

So, I'm going to go into plugins and go to the API connector and add in a new API. And I'm going to call it Zapier. And we will add in a new API call. And I'll just call this one send data. I'm not sure what I'm going to send just yet. Action. And we're going to send it as post because we're sending a chunk of data. posting data to Zapier and let's add in some parameters. In fact, I'll do the opposite. What if I want to send podcast information from Bubble to Zapier? So I'll go with title. I'm unticking private because I want to be able to access this field in a workflow and I'll say description. Right, that's all I can do here, let's go into Zapier and I need to set up a webhook and say when data is sent to the webhook, I can leave that blank and I need to copy this into here here. And then let's put in some test data. So I'll just go again, "Diary of a CEO" and "Learn how to run a business at Podcast Empire". I'm gonna swap back to Zapier here. Let's Let's get rid of that. Alright, and test the web put.

Testing Zapier webhooks

This puts Zapier in learn mode, ready to receive, and so I'm going to send data. I get a success, the data's back, that's good. Go back to Zapier, say test again, and there we go. That is the data that I've sent from Bubble. And so then I can add an action, and I can choose from any of the thousands of of apps available through Zapier, and I can pass that data along. So, that's it. That's really quite simple, isn't it? Being able to send data into Zapier.

Learn more about connect Bubble to third party platforms

Just remember that maybe I'm a bit of a purist, and I like to kind of do scrappy development, but I would always check if you need to integrate in with a third-party service, I would always check the API documentation.

We've got a ton of videos of using the Bubble API connector, many services ranging from OpenAI for text generation all the way through to sending emails and receiving emails into your Bubble application. We've got stuff on audio transcription, we've got content on how to integrate in with third-party APIs for text to audio. So all of that can be done in the Bubble API connector and you don't need a Zapier paid account but for some services you may well find that Zapier makes it a whole lot easier and so this is how you can send data from your Bubble app into Zapier.

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