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Creating Calendar Feeds in Bubble - Introduction to

In this Bubble tutorial, we explore the AddEvent API and its advanced calendar features. If you're building a no-code Bubble app and want to provide your users with live event updates and the ability to subscribe to a calendar feed, then look no further than AddEvent. With features like sharing events, collecting RSVPs, subscribing to calendars, and creating embeddable calendars, AddEvent is a powerful tool for event management and membership systems.

Unlock Advanced Calendar Features with AddEvent API for Bubble Apps

If you're building a no-code Bubble app and you're looking to incorporate advanced calendar features, you don't need to look any further than the AddEvent API. In this video, we'll introduce you to AddEvent, a powerful tool that allows you to provide your users with a live event feed that they can easily integrate into their preferred calendar apps.

When building an app, it's often necessary to provide users with the ability to subscribe to a calendar feed. This allows them to view and receive live updates for events created within your app. Unlike traditional calendar event files that can become outdated once downloaded, AddEvent offers a more dynamic and user-friendly solution.

With AddEvent, you can easily set up various calendar features, including sharing events, collecting RSVPs, subscribing to calendars, and embedding calendars. However, the most crucial feature for many app developers is the ability to create a subscribed calendar.

By integrating AddEvent into your Bubble app, you can create a personalized calendar for each user. Whenever an event is created within your app, you can automatically generate the same event in their respective calendar. This ensures that users are always up to date with the latest event information.

To provide users with access to their subscribed calendar, AddEvent generates a unique link that they can subscribe to. This is particularly useful for event management systems or membership platforms that offer live webinars or generate events. By allowing users to subscribe to their personalized calendar, you ensure they have immediate access to key event details.

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