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No code app developer reacts to Claude 3

Looking to build an AI app with no code? Discover the latest advancements with Claude 3 by Anthropic and explore how it can revolutionize your development process on platforms like

Introducing Claude: The Latest AI App by Anthropic

If you're building an AI app, you need to check out the latest release from Anthropic, which is Claude. And we're just going to put it through its paces now.

The Different Versions of Claude

Now, the thing to remember is that Claude comes in a number of different versions. And the one that we've got freely available to us through this web interface is the one in the middle that they call Sonnet, whereas Opus. Now, if you have been looking and following on Twitter X, there's some really incredible things people have been achieving with Opus.

Testing Claude's Abilities with Date Data

Many discussions saying, is opus better than GPT four from OpenAI, but let's just put Claude through its paces. So something which AI models used to struggle with is something to do with very recent data. So something as simple as what is today's date?

Claude's Capabilities with Handling Dates

Okay, I can confirm that is correct. Now let's ask it something else to do with dates because, yeah, these AI language models struggle with dates. So we could say, what is the date in three Fridays time?

Impressive Progress in Date Data Handling

Okay, let's just see if that's right. Yeah, I think that's right. Handing date data like this is something that you wouldn't have been able to do even with like GPT 3.5 as recently as a few months ago. Yes, if you were using the chat GPT web interface, then they did have some ability to handle date data, but if you were using the API, you didn't. So I'm definitely going to be recording a follow-up video where we take a look at how much of this is just part of their preview versus how much can you access through the API.

Accessing Claude's Full Capabilities with the API

And I think that you can access all of it through the API, including Claude three opus, which we'll be giving a full demo to. But let's ask it something additionally challenging. Write a sonnet about no code app development in 2024.

Claude's Impressive Sonnet Writing Skills

Okay, yeah, we got some nice rhyming couplets in there, but if I'm honest, I can't remember fully what is required to make a sonnet, but that certainly looks rather impressive.

Building No Code Web Apps with AI

So if you're building an app with AI and you want to build it with no code, then you should head to our website. There's a link down in the description we've got hundreds of bubble IO tutorial videos where you can learn how to build something like this in half an hour or less. It really is quite easy to get to grips with AI APIs and building a no code web app with bubble.

Additional Claude Videos Coming Soon

So if there's anything that you would like to see us demonstrate with Claude or if you've got any questions, please do leave a comment. But, yeah, I'm going to record a few more videos about Claude right away.

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