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Does Anthropic's Claude 3 have a system prompt?

Learn how to integrate system prompts into your Claude app on to train, influence, and impact the output, all without needing to code. Explore the possibilities of no-code development with Claude 3 and OpenAI in our tutorial videos.

Training Claude with a System Prompt

Thank you to everyone who likes, subscribes and leaves a comment on our videos. This is in response to one of those comments, which was a question about how you can train, influence, impact the output of Claude with a system prompt. And it's a little bit different to OpenAI.

Understanding Claude's System Prompt

In fact, looking at the Claude the anthropic Claude's document, I initially thought that there isn't the ability to add a system prompt because if we go through to create a message now, this looks very similar to OpenAI, and this in particular looks very similar to OpenAI. And it explains that the role can either be user or assistant.

Adding a System Prompt in Claude

Now, with OpenAI, if you're using a GPT model, you can have a system role and basically you speak to the system. If you want the AI to take on a certain Persona, you can say only reply in Spanish or you are a helpful assistant. You can set that at the system level. But then I scrolled down when I was trying to answer this question in the comments and I saw that system is actually a parameter that sits outside of messages, and that's illustrated here.

Understanding the System Parameter

If we go to user guides and then text generation system prompts, we can see that here's our series of messages that sits inside the message parameter. System actually sits outside of it. So it's really simple then to add it into your bubble app. Here's my claw demo that I did on Claude three just a few days ago. And so if I want to add in a system prompt, I'm going to write it in here. I can say system, and I can say only reply in Spanish.

Implementing the System Prompt

And in the messages, all I'm sending is hello, Claude. And so let's see what happens. Initialize the call and I get back. Hola. It's in Spanish.


At least I believe it's in Spanish. So there you go. That is how you can add in a system prompt into Claude three. And it isn't quite the same as OpenAI, it sits outside of the messages. If you want to see more tutorial videos using Claude three, OpenAI and building no code apps with bubble, then click the link down in the description where you can get access to hundreds of tutorial videos just like this one.


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