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Here's another example of how you can use copy to clipboard to really help your users and improve your user experience. This time, how to use copy to clipboard within a repeating group. So I've got a list of contacts here, and I'm going to create a way for when my users click on an email address, it copies that email address to their clipboard.

Using the Air Copy to Clipboard plugin

So I go into my Bubble app, and if you haven't already, we're using for this demonstration the Air Copy to Clipboard plugin by Zeroqode. So I've installed that plugin. And then in my repeating group, I simply add the copy to clipboard element, and I add it into my first cell. That way I can access it within every cell of the repeating group.

Adding an inline icon

And I'm going to do a little trick here that I've demoed in previous videos of how to include an icon within text in line with text. So I'm going to say when this text is hovered, I'm going to change the text to current contacts email and put space in. Open my square brackets, write FA, close square brackets, put in copy because that's the ID of the Font Awesome icon I'm wanting to insert.

And then I simply close the expression like that. And you'll see that that adds in a copy icon when it is hovered. So then I'll add a workflow in and I'll say, copy from static text, insert the current sales contacts, email in, preview that. And so now you can see I get a copy icon when my mouse goes over each cell. And then if I click on and I paste it in to the top, you can see that I've copied it to clipboard successfully.

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