How to separate paragraphs into a repeating group in

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Learn how to use's no-code platform to split paragraphs into a repeating group for easy organization and display of content.

Working with Paragraphs and Repeating Groups in Bubble App

Here's a quick tip for working with paragraphs and repeating groups in your bubble app. I've got a couple of really well known paragraphs here. It's the title cruel from Star Wars a New Hope. And I want to basically split them into a
so that each paragraph enters into a new cell in my repeating group. But before I launch into that, if you're learning bubble, there is no better place to do it or better way to do it.

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Becoming a planet, no code member. You'll get access to all of our bubble tutorial videos, including those that you cannot find on our YouTube channel. They are exclusive to our website, But back to the video. Let me show you how we can do this.

Setting Up the Repeating Group

So at the moment, I've just got a

And so my repeating group content is going to be text. Now, this is only because I'm putting text straight into it. If you wanted to list through anything else, you would probably use a different
is going to be my multiline input a's value. And then this is where the magic happens, split by.

Customizing the Repeating Group

And then I'm going to
to column. And I'm doing this because in my experience, fixed layouts can just lead to all sorts of unexpected annoyances, irritations. So I tend to avoid them where I can.

And I'm just going into the cell, adding in some text and saying current sales text because that's going to apply to each paragraph. I'm going to adjust the min height to zero. It fits height to content. Then on appearance, I'm going to get rid of the min row height. Each row is only going to be as big as it needs to be.

And then I'm going to add in the separator, make that bigger, say 20 pixels. So let's preview that. And there you go. You can see that we have now separated multiple paragraphs into individual cells in a repeating group in bubble. If you've got any questions or any videos you'd like to see, please leave a comment down below.

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