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Using Join With Modifier in to Change Text Expression

When working with to build your SaaS app, you can use the join with text modifier to change how a list of text items is expressed in your Bubble app. So I've got a list of dates here, it's generated by this date picker. If you want to check out what we're doing with this, we're excluding days of the week but that's another video, go and check that out. I've got a list here and at the moment they're separated by commas and that's not very clear because the date format that I've picked is separating the elements of the date format by commas also so it's not clear that this is an actual gap between. So I'm going to demo how to use join with and I'm going to show how you can use join with with a line break.
So let's dive into the Bubble app here and you can see I've just got a list of dates and I've formatted them in that format. And now I'm going to add the modifier to the end here of join with or the operator join with and so I could say join with and I could put in like a pipe symbol and then let's go back and refresh it and you can see it's added in the pipe symbol. What if I wanted to add a bit more of a space between it?
Well I just go back in and I can add a space before and after. There you go space has been added in and finally how do you add in a line break? Because if I was just going here and press enter it auto completes it it's not helpful that's not what I want. So I go join with and then I write in line underscore break and that tells Bubble to actually treat it as a proper line break like a return on your keyboard. You can even book a one-to-one session with me we call it Bubble Coaching and I can help accelerate your Bubble app development with you.

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