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In this Bubble tutorial discover the latest techniques on how to revamp your "We Just Updated This Page" banner in your No-Code Bubble app. This video highlights an amazing, user-friendly plugin that offers customization of the updated banner, contributing to a unique and pleasant user experience. Learn how to master the details of your app, right down to the color and layout of your app notification.

If you've been building your own no code Bubble app for even a few minutes, you will have become familiar with this black bar. We have just updated this page. Please refresh the page to get the latest version. You will not be able to use the app until you refresh. And whilst it's not like ugly or anything, did you know that you can change it?

And here is a plugin we just want to quickly showcase to you that allows you to customize the "Updated Page" banner that appears at the top of your Bubble app. And so this is the Beautiful Update App Alerts by a plugin developer called Eli. And its so simple to use.

Using the Beautiful Update App Alerts Plugin

So in my Bubble app I've installed the plugin and then if I click through to the plugin page and then go through to the service link and then click on Launch configure, configurator. I can now customize the way that the banner is going to look in my app.

Customizing the Banner Appearance

And basically it provides me with a string containing the data of the position, the color, the layout, and I can copy and paste that into my Bubble app, into the plugin settings and that's how I can change the look. So for example, I can say let's have it as a column, let's have it in the top right and then I'm going to make the button background color. Say I'll go for try and get nice like bluey, purple, something like that. And then, oh, I should change the text color in that case to white. Okay?

And then all I need to do is click copy token, go into our Bubble app, go into the plugin settings and paste in the token and that contains all of the details the plugin needs in order to update the display of the banner.

See the Customized Banner in Action

So let's go here, let's refresh the page. This is just one of my demo apps and then let's update something in the app. So we'll add in their name into the text there. And you can see there you have it, a much cleaner, much more customizable "Updated Page" banner for your app. So at the moment it's priced just $3. And if you're wanting your Bubble app to stand out, maybe to distance yourself from some of the things that makes a Bubble app look like a Bubble app, this is a great plugin that you can play around with in just a few minutes.

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