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What is Lorem Ipsum and why do you sometimes see it in different parts of a Bubble app? Well, Lorem Ipsum is perhaps the most popular placeholder text. It's a popular dummy text used to fill space where you would put text on the website to show that it's a placeholder.

When a Page as Type of Content set

So what is going on here and why do I see Loram Ipsum on my page and why do I see Loram Ipsum in the URL of my test app? Well, it's because the page that I have set up here is set to type of content contacts. Contacts is a data type in my database and it means that I've set this page up ready for it to take in information about one contact and display that one contact's information, in this case first name, last name. But you can't find in my database, there is no contact called lorem ipsum. It's because I've been editing this page and I've clicked preview. And Bubble doesn't know, by just me clicking preview, which contact to show on my page here. And that can be a little bit frustrating because first of all you think, well I've not got Lorem Ipsum in my database, so why is it showing up? And also it's not that great at adequately kind of filling in all the placeholders perfectly.

Use a repeating group to navigate to a real entry

If I'm testing what a contact page looks like, I would do much better to click through from a contact. So there's a couple of things here that are worth remembering and I've classed them as kind of solid Bubble basics. One is the right time to use type of content. I see people doing this not necessarily wrong but adding needless complexity to the application because they don't do it right, which is that type of content is if you are going from like a list on a different page, like a list of contacts, and linking through to a page that shows mainly a single contact. Of course, you could bring in data from other parts of the database, but I'm mainly showing one contacts information here. And if I go onto my, I have that, I have a list of contacts here. So I have a table of contacts and I will have a workflow set up for, oh no, not that one, where is it? Here. Okay, so yeah, when part of it is clicked, I go through to my page contact, and I can't leave that blank. When I'm linking through from one part of my Bubble app to my contact singular page, I have to provide a contact to go through. But, for convenience, if I am in my contact, my singular contact page in the editor, I can link through to that page without filling in an entry from my database, from my contacts database into this page. So that's why I get the Lorem Ipsum placeholders.

And if you're building a Bubble app and you're testing it, I think a much better step is once you've built the template where you're using that singular instance of the database, you're displaying it on the page, it's then to immediately go and even if it's very rough, create yourself a repeating group on another page that gives you that list of entries in the database. So then if I click "Preview" here, I can click through on Bruce. Now I'm not getting Lorem Ipsum. If I bring up the URL you can see that this is the unique ID for Bruce and it's just yeah I thought it's worth going this video because I think that it can get a little bit confusing around when to use type of content and just why sometimes if you click preview you'd be seeing Laura M. Ibsen on both the page and in the URL. So I hope that helps. If you've got any questions please leave them in a comment below.

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