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Bubble Table Element - Link Row to Record page

In this Bubble tutorial we demonstrate the new Bubble Table Element and show how you can easily link through from a record in your table to a page all about that record. Perfect for anyone building no-code dashboards and CRM apps with Bubble.

Hi, Bubble app creators. Welcome to another Bubble tutorial video. In this video, I'm going to be using the brand new Bubble table element released only yesterday at the time of recording. And I'm going to be demonstrating to you how you can link through from a row to a page about the data that's shown in that row.

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Navigating to a Contact Page

So how do you add a link to this row? Well, it's very similar to how working with groups and working with repeating groups. So we go into our table and I could just take an element and add a workflow to it.

Setting Up Linking from Table Element to Individual Item page

First name, I can add a workflow and I can say, Navigate, go to page. And then I have a page set up called contact. And I'm going to show you how that works because you need to do something on this page in order to be able to send the data through. So if I go to my contact page, you can see that all I'm going to do is print the contact's name in this group, but I've got the type of content for the page set to my data type contacts. And this means that when I use a go to page action in a workflow, it has to include the contact. It's saying that this page is expecting to receive a contact in order for it to run properly.

So if I go back to my table page and then my workflow, you can see that that is reflected in the fact that Send Data has to have a value, otherwise you get an issue. So I can give the Send Data current rows contact. Let's hit preview. So if I now click on Bruce Wayne, remember, I've made the text label, not the whole row.

So you would need to perhaps use groups or add additional workflows in other places to get the whole row to work. But for me, clicking the text label, I can click Bruce, and it takes me through to Bruce Wayne's page.

So there you have it. That is how to add a link through to a page all about an item in the table element. So linking through from a table element, displaying a list of items in your database, to linking through to a page where you display one item from that list.

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