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Repeating Group background color alternating rows

In this Bubble tutorial series we give our top tips for working with repeating groups in In this video we demonstrate how to add alternating rows in a repeating group.

How can I add a stripe to either the odd or the even rows in a repeating group? Hi, I'm Matt. I'm a Bubble Coach and Bubble Educator. And if you're learning Bubble and you find this video useful, please hit like and subscribe. And you can find hundreds of Bubble tutorial videos exclusive to our members at So if you're serious about learning Bubble, you need to head over there and get yourself a membership to access our full Bubble tutorial library.

Using Modulo & Conditional Statement

Right, let's add a stripe to this repeating group. group. So I'm going to do a process which involves a function that I don't see many people talking about in Bubble. And actually the first thing I'm going to do is set the background style to flat and to white. So now all of the cells in my repeating group have got a background color of white. And then I'm going to say when current cells index modulo two is zero, it's basically saying if the current sales index is divided by two and the remainder is zero, I'm going to change the background colour. And let's make it a nice grey. We'll preview that. There you go. Now I've added stripes to my repeating group. And so if you found this video useful, like and subscribe is loved by us and the team and you can always just give us a thanks too. You can give us a little donation, buy me a coffee if you found this video useful.

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