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Filtering Repeating Groups by Date - Only Showing Today's Events

In this Bubble tutorial we explain how to use constraints on a repeating group to filter your Bubble database data by date. In this tutorial we demonstrate how to show only events occurring on the current date.

In this Bubble tutorial video, I'm going to show you how you can filter a repeating group using dates to only show events occurring on today's date.

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Setting up Repeating Group Date Constraints

Let's get back to our repeating group. So I've created a three events in my database. They just have a label and a date field, and you can see them in my calendar. And today's date of recording is August the third. And so how do I set up this repeating group to only show events happening on August the third? Well, let me show you.

So I'm going to go on to my repeating group. At the moment, I've just got my event data type, and I've got data source. I'm going to add in a constraint. And so I'm going to say date is equal to or greater than current time date, rounded down to day. And so that's saying, is the date of this event greater than midnight at the start of today?

Let's add in a second constraint. This time we say date is less than, and we say current date time. And this time we round down today again. But now we add, or we could add days or we could add 24 hours. Now, this is technically going to make a difference if your current time zone is going to go through a time zone shift in the next 24 hours. So that's something to bear in mind, but you can achieve it either way.

In this case, I'm just going to say days one. So now, let's say both of these are the AND statements. So is it greater than midnight at the start of today, but less than the the start of today plus one day. Okay, let's check out and preview to see if that has worked. So we should just see Walk the Dog. Okay, and there you go. That's how to add in date constraints to a repeating group, in particular, how to filter down a list of events to only show events that are occurring today.


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