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I remember when in 2017, I just discovered Bubble and I started building my first app. It was sort of a CRM and there came a point when I realised I am not good at UI design. And if you too have reached a similar point, then this quick video is for you, because I'm going to show you the three places that I look for inspiration and also have purchased UI kits and themes before to build them into the Bubble apps that I create. So the first one, let's go with UI Eight. I think that the quality of the UI kits and the themes available on this website are second to none.

How to find high quality Bubble templates

So we can do a search for CRM and you can see graphics that you could put into your app, but there are templates just like here.

And so for not too much money, you can go ahead and you can purchase this and you can open it in Figma and you can see exactly what fonts we use. The size, the indentations, the margins, the padding. You can do all of that, plus some of them too. They'll come with a tablet and a mobile view too. So much of the hard work and the immense amount of skill that's required to design something like this is taken off your plate and you're able to purchase it with a little bit of grappling.

With Figma, you're able to build these designs into your web app. Let's just see if we can find a few more on, maybe like a Task Manager.

So I would say that on, a lot of them do lean towards mobile. I have sometimes taken a mobile UI kit and just worked my way through building it into desktop, though I prefer not to do that because it does take quite a bit of creativity to fill in the gaps and kind of expand the width of the screen. But here's another one. This looks like it's got a desktop. There we go.

Very simple. But if you are thinking of building your own task manager and you're just really not sure where to start, then this template UI kit, rather for $15, gets you a very long way. And you can see that it's very pleasing to the eye and it has a lot of the core features already designed and planned out that you might have with a task manager, something like ThemeForest. It's very big for WordPress sites, and if your Bubble site is not just operating as a web app, but you're going to need landing pages, more of your static web content, such as an about page, a contact page, then you'll find a huge amount of templates available. And also worth pointing out, there's a lot of crossover between these platforms.

People who create these templates and put them up for sale likely list them in several places. So let's have a look for, say, a dashboard template.

Yeah, there you go, you are going to be scrolling for a long time to get to the bottom. There are all of these different dashboards that are not expensive at all that you can purchase. And then you can using either Figma or using the Inspect element tool of your browser. If it's an HTML template, you can be building translating them from Figma or from HTML over into your Bubble app. And then the last place that I started looking within the last few months for inspiration and to purchase UI kits is creative market.

Example: BetaCRM

And so you can see here, I've done a search for CRM, betaCRM we saw that on, but again, there's just a lot to choose from. Many of them have got HTML demos, so you can really go through them and see mix and match the information. Take some charts, for example, that you want to display in your Bubble web app and you could just see how the designer of these UI kits has gone about displaying charts content. So anyway, I hope that's really helpful.

If you've got any further recommendations, please put them in the comments below. Because I know a lot of us out there when we start at a Bubble, we're a solo team. And when you are looking to launch your products in Bubble, you've got you're filling in many, many roles at once. And at least for me personally, one of the trickiest has been designed. So these are the places that I've looked for inspiration.


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