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How to turn off the Bubble debugger

How to turn off the Bubble debugger. This may perhaps be the shortest tutorial that I've ever uploaded because it's dead simple. I'm in the dev version of my app and I've clicked preview and takes me to this web address here.

To turn off the debugger, I simply write false into the URL, hit refresh, and you can see that the debugger bar has now gone. This is particularly useful if were making one page apps and if they need to be mobile, responsive.

And you've say, got a floating footer bar for navigation. So it's close to your user's thumbs. Yeah. You'll find that the debugger bar often gets in the way, and it's got a really high z index, which means that it appears on top of basically any item that you could put onto your Bubble page. So that's how you turn it on?

No, that's how you turn it off and then turn it back on. You can either edit the URL or you can just click preview again. And you can see now we've got the debugger bar back. So there you have it, a super quick Bubble tutorial showing you how to turn off the debugger bar in Bubble.

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