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Are you using Perplexity AI? An Introduction

Learn how to integrate cutting-edge AI technologies like Perplexity AI into your app.

OpenAI vs Perplexity AI

This is perplexity AI, and here's why you should take it seriously and consider it alongside OpenAI and other AI tools. Because I can ask a question here, and I'm wanting to get quite an academic response. And so I hit enter.

Not only is that useful if you're wanting to add AI into your bubble app in an academic sense but it also is very helpful to users for jumping off into other areas.

You can just take a deep dive into any area of knowledge, and it's written with the AI. But before I show you the final point of why I think perplexity is worthy of your attention, let me mention that if you're learning bubble, there's no better place to do that than, where we've got hundreds of bubble tutorial videos.

And I'm going to be doing a little miniseries of how we can add perplexity AI into your bubble app because they have an amazing AI API.

But one other thing I'd like to show you is the fact that perplexity AI's models include models that run online and you can see that at work here because I've asked a question which actually OpenAI, I believe that their training data on some of their models has now come up to December 2023, fairly recent.

But you can't be crawling the web right now to fetch information and that information being indexed on the fly because you can ask a question such as what has happened between Apple and the EU in February 2024? And this is about anti-competition laws, it's about App Stores, it's about progressive web apps. And you can see that perplexity, using their online model, is able to answer questions about news that took place within the last week.

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