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How do you display a user's name in your Bubble app? Well, let me demonstrate that to you.

How to register a new user in Bubble

We're going to start one step back, which is registering a user. To show you the workflow, we've got a button for register and then sign user up, and then I'm going to direct them to a page called profile. So where the registration field has to have an email address and a password, but then we can also collect additional details on our users such as first name, which I'm going to add as a field type text and link that up to my input of name. So you can see my input names value, my password input's value, and my emails value, and then they get taken to a new page. So let's refresh this. And so I put in my name, put in a email address and the password. Make sure you use secure passwords. And I'm now registered as a user and I'm also logged in. And let me prove that to you. So if I go to the profile page, I'm just going to add some text and I'm going to say current user is logged in. And it's very easy to make a mistake when you are developing and testing your app to think, Oh, this isn't working, or I can't see the data that I should be able to see.

How to check if Current User is logged in

First thing I always check is am I actually logged in as the user that I meant to be? Have I been logged out at some point? So I can see that the user is logged in.

How to show a Current User's name on a page

And then if I want to print the user's name into this page, it's very easy. I just go Current User's First name, refresh that. And there we have it. I have the current user's first name.

And I can do that to display any field that I've added to to the current user. So yeah, really easy. That is one way of displaying a current user's first name and a bit of a recap on registering and saving that first name when the user registers.


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