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Intro to Product listing page using Repeating Groups

Intro to Product listing page using Repeating Groups

In this Bubble tutorial we build a simple product listing page using the Repeating Groups element. We explore how to add data to a Repeating Group element, how to style a Repeating Group and how to link the whole cell in a Repeating Group to a page displaying a single entry in our Bubble database.

Type Of Content - When To Use Page Data Source In Bubble.io

In this Bubble.io tutorial video we show how to display content using dynamic data from your database on a page. Using Page Data Source is the best way of designing a page to show a single entry from a list of data.

How to create a product, contact or booking page

In this Bubble.io tutorial we demonstrate how to start laying out a page to display dynamic content from a single entry in your Bubble database. This video explains this process using a marketplace as an example but it would be a very similar process if you were building a CRM in Bubble or a booking application in Bubble.