3 ways to edit calendar events in Bubble.io

In this Bubble.io tutorial video we demonstrate 3 ways you can edit events in Bubble. How to enable modification through dragging, how to enable modification through resizing and how to enable modification using a pop up.

How to build a chat app with Bubble.io Part 3

In this Bubble tutorial we explain how to build a chat app with Bubble between your Bubble app users. This third video in a 3 part series completes this mini series demonstrating how to build your own chat app by showing the workflows required to send messages between users in Bubble. Watch part 1 of this series: https://www.planetnocode.com/tutorial/design/how-to-build-a-chat-app-with-bubble-io-part-1/ Watch part 2 of this series: https://www.planetnocode.com/tutorial/design/how-to-build-a-chat-app-with-bubble-io-part-2/