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Build a no-code AI Question & Answer bot

Learn how to create an AI question and answer app using the Perplexity AI API on without any code in this tutorial video. Master the art of integrating advanced functionalities seamlessly with no-code development.

How to use the Air Copy to Clipboard plugin

Did you know it's really quick and easy to add a copy to clipboard button to your Bubble app? And I'm going to show you how using the Air Copy to Clipboard plugin by Zeroqode.

How to split and save OpenAI response

In this Bubble tutorial we'll demonstrate how to split text generated by OpenAI / ChatGPT and save each part of the AI generated text as a new entry in our Bubble database.

Build a ChatGPT clone in 30 mins with

Anyone can build a ChatGPT clone using the no-code web app building platform This 30 minute video shows you everything you need to know to create a your own ChatGPT clone including how to create a simple app, how to connect with the OpenAI API and how to correctly format your messages for historical message awareness with your AI conversations.

Creating a Chatbot experience using Bubble & ChatGPT API

In this Bubble tutorial we demonstrate how to use the ChatGPT API to create an AI chatbot like experience in your Bubble app. We dive right the deep end of the Bubble API Connector, we have getting started videos for the OpenAI API on our channel already. This video shows one way to approach the challenge of formating the message history correctly in JSON so that your chatbot is aware of the message history and respond accordingly.

Explain like I am 5 AI text generator built with using OpenAI

In this tutorial we demonstrate how to use the OpenAI API with Bubble for no-code AI text generation to create a tool that takes text and then explains the content of the text in the language a 5 year old would understand. We show up to succesfully make an API request to OpenAI using the Bubble API Connector and show the returned text on a page using Custom States.

AI Image Generation in Bubble with DALL-E 2 OpenAI API

In this Bubble tutorial video we demonstrate how to generate AI images within your Bubble app using the DALL-E 2 API (Public Beta) from OpenAI. We take you through every step from interpreting the DALL-E 2 API documentations, to setting up the Bubble API Connector.

How to build a chat app with Part 2

In this Bubble tutorial we explain how to build a chat app with Bubble between your Bubble app users. This second video in a 3 part series focusses on additional UI elements required to build your own chat app and how to set up your repeating groups to show both conversations and messages. Watch part 1 of this series: Watch part 3 of this series: