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Margins & Padding

Margins and padding are important aspects of designing a visually appealing and user-friendly app interface. With Bubble, you can easily add custom margins and padding to containers and elements within your app, ensuring that your design is consistent and visually pleasing. This feature is especially helpful when building complex app layouts or working with multiple design elements.


Should I use margins or padding?

Should I use margins or should I use padding? In this Bubble tutorial, I'm going to give a few examples because this is a common theme that I see in the Bubble coaching that we run at Planet No Code, where we do one to one sessions helping Bubble creators just like yourself, develop and overcome issues that they've got with their Bubble apps. And we experience this quite a lot with, I say, clunky layouts.

Intro to Product listing page using Repeating Groups

In this Bubble tutorial we build a simple product listing page using the Repeating Groups element. We explore how to add data to a Repeating Group element, how to style a Repeating Group and how to link the whole cell in a Repeating Group to a page displaying a single entry in our Bubble database.

Introduction to using columns & rows in

In this tutorial we demonstrate the importance of using columns and rows (instead of Fixed layout) in the new Bubble Responsive engine. If you're a Bubble beginner this is a great video to start with as understanding these key concepts will save you lots of time as you build more pages into your no-code web app.

How to import Figma template into Bubble

In this tutorial video, we explain how to quickly import a Figma template into and the reasons why you might decide to manually build the design instead.