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Join with

Discover how to combine data from multiple sources with the Join with feature in Bubble. This powerful tool allows you to join data from different tables, databases, or APIs and create powerful data relationships that make your app more functional and dynamic. With Join with, you can build complex apps that require sophisticated data management and manipulation.


How to “join with” a line break

In this Bubble tutorial, you'll learn how to use the "join with" text modifier to change how a list of text items is expressed in your Bubble app.

Creating a Chatbot experience using Bubble & ChatGPT API

In this Bubble tutorial we demonstrate how to use the ChatGPT API to create an AI chatbot like experience in your Bubble app. We dive right the deep end of the Bubble API Connector, we have getting started videos for the OpenAI API on our channel already. This video shows one way to approach the challenge of formating the message history correctly in JSON so that your chatbot is aware of the message history and respond accordingly.