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Adding a data to a dropdown

Learn how to allow users to dynamically add values to a drop-down in This tutorial walks you through the steps, from setting up dynamic choices to creating a pop-up and workflow, enhancing user experience and database functionality.

GPT-4 Chatbot with Bubble - OpenAI chat and text generation

Here is every step needed to create an OpenAI GPT-4 powered chatbot using Bubble the no-code web app development platform. Discover how to use the Bubble API Connector to connect directly to the OpenAI API, how to interpret the OpenAI API documenation and format your messages using the JSON-safe modifier. Watch this video and save yourself hours of API errors.

Search across multiple fields in database with Fuzzy Search

In this tutorial video we demonstrate how using a Fuzzy Search plugin can enable you to expand search funciton beyond the built in Search Box. This tutorial explains how to use the 'ZQ Fuzzy Search & Autocomplete' plugin and how to create a search that searches across multiple fields in your database.