How to create a IMDB clone in 30 mins

You can create no-code IMDB clone with Bubble in just 30 minutes. In this Bubble tutorial video we demonstrate how to cleanly layout content in Bubble using rows and columns, how to structure your database to make relationships between entries (e.g. Movies & Directors) and how to display data from your Bubble database in repeating groups and on pages.

Bubble UI Tips - Better Profile Pictures

In this Bubble tutorial we demonstrate 3 UI tips for improving your no-code Bubble app all centered around Profile Pictures. We use the Alphabet Profile Images plugin to add a placeholder thumbnail for conacts/users without an uploaded image, we show how you can quickly add the Picture Uploader to upload a new profile image to a Contact/User and we use Imgix to Auto crop around the face of the profile picture.

How to create a drag and drop gallery in Bubble

In this tutorial video we demonstrate how to create a drag and drop gallery and multi-image uploader using the 'Drag & Drop Repeating Group' plugin by Minimum Studio. This can be a useful element for building a dating or social media app.

AI Image Generation in Bubble with DALL-E 2 OpenAI API

In this Bubble tutorial video we demonstrate how to generate AI images within your Bubble app using the DALL-E 2 API (Public Beta) from OpenAI. We take you through every step from interpreting the DALL-E 2 API documentations, to setting up the Bubble API Connector.

Intro to Product listing page using Repeating Groups

In this Bubble tutorial we build a simple product listing page using the Repeating Groups element. We explore how to add data to a Repeating Group element, how to style a Repeating Group and how to link the whole cell in a Repeating Group to a page displaying a single entry in our Bubble database.