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formatted as JSON-safe


Let’s Build a No Code Invoice Web App - Part 4 (Email Invoices)

Learn how to enhance your no-code invoicing app by integrating Postmark for transactional emails in this comprehensive tutorial. Dive into setting up email templates, variables, and API connectors to create a seamless experience for sending invoices to your clients. Master the art of no-code development with this step-by-step guide.

Bubble & OpenAI - Send only recent messages

In this Bubble tutorial we demonstrate how you can lower your OpenAI token spend by just sending the most recent messages to the OpenAI API. This method will ensure your message still has some awareness of previous messages without sending the oldest messages.

Build a ChatGPT clone in 30 mins with

Anyone can build a ChatGPT clone using the no-code web app building platform This 30 minute video shows you everything you need to know to create a your own ChatGPT clone including how to create a simple app, how to connect with the OpenAI API and how to correctly format your messages for historical message awareness with your AI conversations.

Using JSON-safe with and the OpenAI API

This Bubble tutorial is a follow up to our ChatGPT chatbot video where we demonatrated to how create a conversation with the OpenAI API using GPT-3.5-turbo. This videos demonstrates an improvement to our initial chatbot by using the text modifier :formatted as JSON-safe. This can solve many of your JSON syntax errors and OpenAI API errors by correctly escaping punctuation and formating your text input.