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Do a search for

Discover how to search, filter, and sort data in your Bubble app with the Do a search for feature. This advanced search function allows you to find specific data based on a variety of criteria, such as keywords, dates, and categories. With Do a search for, you can easily create dynamic and interactive interfaces that help your users find what they're looking for quickly and easily.

Search Table Element Pagination with Numbers

In this Bubble tutorial we expand upon our last video tutorial explaining how to add pagination to the Bubble table element. This Bubble tutorial demonstrates how to add a number for the current page and total number of pages.

Bubble & OpenAI - Send only recent messages

In this Bubble tutorial we demonstrate how you can lower your OpenAI token spend by just sending the most recent messages to the OpenAI API. This method will ensure your message still has some awareness of previous messages without sending the oldest messages.

Bubble table element - Sort by column

Here's one way you can customize the Bubble Table element. In this Bubble tutorial video we'll demonstrate how to create click to sort column headers.

How to reduce Workload Units (WU) on page load

In this tutorial we demonstrates 3 ways to show default data in your Bubble app when the page loads. Two of the examples involve creating a Custom State and adding extra workflows. We demonstrate who you can achieve the same effect with default data on a page without adding extra workflows or having to repeat Do a Search searches.

Creating a Chatbot experience using Bubble & ChatGPT API

In this Bubble tutorial we demonstrate how to use the ChatGPT API to create an AI chatbot like experience in your Bubble app. We dive right the deep end of the Bubble API Connector, we have getting started videos for the OpenAI API on our channel already. This video shows one way to approach the challenge of formating the message history correctly in JSON so that your chatbot is aware of the message history and respond accordingly.

How to create a drag and drop gallery in Bubble

In this tutorial video we demonstrate how to create a drag and drop gallery and multi-image uploader using the 'Drag & Drop Repeating Group' plugin by Minimum Studio. This can be a useful element for building a dating or social media app.

How to create a slideshow in Bubble with a Repeating Group

In this Bubble tutorial we explain how to create a slideshow with a Repeating Group that uses a Next button and a Previous button. We conclude the video by demonstrating the workflow needed to make the slideshow automatically progress through the slides.