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Data Source


3 ways to add data to a Repeating Group

Get started with our 3 ways to add data to a repeating group Bubble tutorial. We demonstrate how to make sure that your repeating group is populated with data when the page loads, how to change this data with a workflow and how to update the repeating group list using a conditional statement and custom state.

Bubble table element - Sort by column

Here's one way you can customize the Bubble Table element. In this Bubble tutorial video we'll demonstrate how to create click to sort column headers.

Bubble Table Element - Link Row to Record page

In this Bubble tutorial we demonstrate the new Bubble Table Element and show how you can easily link through from a record in your table to a page all about that record. Perfect for anyone building no-code dashboards and CRM apps with Bubble.

How to reduce Workload Units (WU) on page load

In this tutorial we demonstrates 3 ways to show default data in your Bubble app when the page loads. Two of the examples involve creating a Custom State and adding extra workflows. We demonstrate who you can achieve the same effect with default data on a page without adding extra workflows or having to repeat Do a Search searches.