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Calendar Subscription Link in Bubble - AddEvent 5

Learn how to integrate add event functionality into your app, allowing users to subscribe to events through their calendar apps, in the final video of this AddEvent API miniseries.

Creating Calendar Events - AddEvent 3

Learn how to create events in your app using the no-code platform's API connector and the AddEvent API. By following the step-by-step process, you can easily integrate event creation and management functionality into your app, including features like reminders that can't be built using default calendar plugins in

Creating Calendar Feeds in Bubble - Introduction to

In this Bubble tutorial, we explore the AddEvent API and its advanced calendar features. If you're building a no-code Bubble app and want to provide your users with live event updates and the ability to subscribe to a calendar feed, then look no further than AddEvent. With features like sharing events, collecting RSVPs, subscribing to calendars, and creating embeddable calendars, AddEvent is a powerful tool for event management and membership systems.