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One page app


Instant Scroll to Top without animation

Learn how to optimize your one page app by implementing a simple JavaScript solution to address the scroll to top issue when changing custom states.

The best navigation for one page Bubble app

Are you building a no-code one page Bubble app? How are you handling your navigation? In this Bubble tutorial video we'll explain why one page app navigation with custom states has limitations and how using Go to page... with URL parameters can improve your user experience.

Using Bubble templates: performance and debugging

If you're thinking of purchasing a Bubble template, you may want to watch this video first. This video features one of our free 15 minutes Bubble coaching sessions available to all our members at In this session we work to debug performance issues the member is encountering with a Bubble template they've purchased. We weigh up the benefits of using a template and potential performance issues caused by a bloated one page app.