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Video thumbnail: How to add Postmark sender domains with the Bubble API Connector | Bubble Tutorials

How to add Postmark sender domains with the Bubble API Connector

In this Bubble coaching session with one of our members we explore how to add and verify custom sender domains using the Postmark API and the Bubble API Connector.

Templates, performance and debugging

Using Bubble templates: performance and debugging

If you're thinking of purchasing a Bubble template, you may want to watch this video first. This video features one of our free 15 minutes Bubble coaching sessions available to all our members at www.planetnocode.com. In this session we work to debug performance issues the member is encountering with a Bubble template they've purchased. We weigh up the benefits of using a template and potential performance issues caused by a bloated one page app.

Instruction to Responsive Engine & Privacy Rules in Bubble

Debugging the Responsive engine & Privacy Rules in Bubble

In this video I help one of our members restructure a page using the Bubble new responsive engine and debug why a piece of text isn't showing up. Spoilers: the Bubble privacy rules need updating.

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